Mnemonic for Stone

Sarah Binless STONE CMYK 300 (1)

Mnemonic for Stone, 2015.
Digital Photograph

A cut is made part way through a stone, a mirrored surface is inserted into the cut, bisecting the stone. The mirror creates an illusory counterpart to the visible half of the stone; it both curtails and completes it. The object seen in the photograph does not literally exist but is a moment in time and space, the geometry of light and surface.

A fleeting viewpoint made permanent.

Considering the object as pale in comparison to the vivid illusory counterpart the image, explores the slippery relationship between object and image, and provides a model for a way of thinking about how readily we accept the image as a replacement of the original, and what we choose to accept as real.

A fiction is a truth of something that never existed.